TWO Books You Must Read

Fall is just around the corner and I get giddy thinking of the soon-to-be crisp air with leaves turning then dancing their way onto the ground. This is my favorite time of year.


As September reels her way in,  so does cozy weather that welcomes home-made blankets, coffee and a good book. I have been oddly into reading lately. Burrowing my head into a book of someone else’s words hasn’t been a thing that I have ever desired. Until now, I’ve found books that I like (and one that I am struggling to finish).

These two books had me on the edge of my seat. They went everywhere with me and I can’t tell you how many times I read until my bath water turned cold. If you like outdoors and mountaineering you will LOVE and appreciate these two books.

1. Forget Me Not – By Jennifer Lowe-Anker


In this book, Lowe-Anker gives us an elaborate memoir of her and late husband’s, Alex Lowe, life. She has a talent for art and they share their passion for rock climbing. She opens her heart with stories of her and Alex’s adventures, the love that bound them and letters that Alex wrote along summit attempts.

From living in a campground, sharing a candy bar for dinner to becoming a sponsored athlete summiting mountain tops for a paycheck, one would think Alex and Jenni had officially made it in life. Jenni takes us through the very real struggle of living away from her husband for months at a time while he was off working.

Their love was beyond mosts comprehension and upon the departure of Alex’s last work trip, they had an argument on whether he should go, fearing his safety. She then received the call; There had been an avalanche upon K2 and they can’t find Alex. Jenni shares her experience of telling her children that their father won’t be returning home and her finding new love who also shared a love for Alex.

This book is heart warming and riveting. You won’t be disappointed with this read.
2. Into Thin Air – By Jon Krakauer


Into Thin Air, gives us Jon Krakauer’s personal encounter as a climber/journalist of the 1997 disaster on Mount Everest that claimed the lives of eight people and left several severely wounded. He shares his story from the beginning, experiences from each camp to the summit push and what went wrong and that should have steered some around from pushing to the summit. Against all possible efforts of reaching Camp 4 to escape the winter hurricane, some were left searching their way down the summit in the darkest of nights and a few were stranded on-top of the mountain over night waiting for rescuers. This book is an epic yet dreadful story of one of the worst disasters on Everest.

If you like suspenseful mountaineering books you will love Into Thin Air. I highly recommend this read and wouldn’t mind reading it again myself!

I’m wrapping up another book and then will be on the hunt for my next read. If you have any books that you couldn’t put down let me know below! To help you out, I have included links to both books that happen to currently be on sale!

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