A Greener Way of Giving


I love giving gifts but will certainly own up to not being the best at it. I normally struggle with what to get, but for this Mother’s Day I knew exactly what I wanted to give the Mothers in my life.

My husband and I never purchase cards. We mostly write to each other on a piece of paper or maybe some card stock. We actually have a drawer full handwritten letters that we’ve written to each other over the course of eight years being together. It has become super special to us both and I would almost be offended if he ever purchased a card. But I can promise you that he would never do that.

Writing a letter is more personal and even romantic. To me it shows more effort and allows your heart to be spilt over the lines. Then folded waiting to be unraveled by your loved one. No-one else is opening up a card with the same generic writing.

Giving has become more and more expensive. Companies want more, making the cards now around $6 and wrapping paper or a gift bag around $4 (and if you’re using a bag, most people use tissue paper). It hasn’t always been that expensive! $10 dollars just in things that will be thrown away. Talk about wasting your money. If we could all be a little greener in our gift giving I wonder how things could change?

Just off the top of my head we have around 12 birthdays that we typically buy for each year. So if we were to buy a card and bag/tissue paper or wrapping paper for each person then we’re literally throwing away $120 just in birthdays. That’s not including baby showers, weddings, and let’s not forget Christmas! Just throw the numbers around in your head… how much could you be saving?
This Mother’s Day I wanted to bag my gift a little differently. I wanted something that they each could use as I know that they both love flowers, herbs and even garden. I knew a terra-cotta pot would serve as a beautiful bag holding my gift and flowers almost as a bouquet arrangement. Okay okay, I may not be the best at that but I was happy with it! I stuffed it with some of my favorite beauty products that I personally use myself, along with flower stems from a bouquet of flowers from Trader Joes that I disassembled. Which is the BEST place to get flowers in my opinion!


It is reusable, cheaper than the wrapping paper, it was fun to assemble, and there wasn’t that awkwardness of unwrapping a gift in front of everyone. This is a true thing and if you say that it doesn’t bother you then you’re lying. I thought everything came together beautifully and both mommas were genuinely happy.


Maybe we can become greener in our gift giving with new fun ideas. Get creative and have fun! Remember a personal note goes a long way! And if you’re not into writing on a piece of paper use a pretty card stock. You can buy in bulk and it will go a LONG ways and literally cost less than a penny per card. Maybe, I’m actually not 100% sure. But it’d be cheap!


If you get inspired by this post I would love to see what you came up with!

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