Dairy-Free Caramel Macchiato Coffee Float

I decided to try to eliminate dairy from my diet a few months ago after I developed a rash on my belly. I was working out regularly and taking protein (BSN’s Syntha-6) after every workout. But once I realized that dairy could be the route of these rashes I started strongly reconsidering what I was currently putting in my body.

After just a few days in, my rash was gone. I could tell an almost immediate difference. My skin was clearer, no bloating, my period was shorter and even less painful. It was crazy thinking what a huge effect that cows milk could be having on my body.

When I think of cows milk, I first think of a baby calf. Drinking his/her mamas milk made for him/her. Her hormones from living a stressed life. Lets face it, MOST cows live their lives seeing the circle. They know what’s coming and they’re waiting for their turn. And from a glass of cows milk there is milk from thousands of cows mixed into one glass. It’s not just from one cow! Shocking I know. So you have all different hormones in one glass. If you’re not buying organic or a brand that specifies that they’re not using antibiotics or rBGH… you’re also ingesting that too. And there’s pus. A lot of cows endure mastitis which leads to pus in the milk. After doing some research I came across a shocking stat, “National averages show at least 322 million cell-counts of pus per glass…and has been directly linked to paratuberculosis bacteria, as well as Crohn’s disease“. OMG what??
Going dairy free was easy. It wasn’t for animal rights reasons. I was solely going off of how my body felt OFF dairy. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was super strict and was going through the ingredient list on all processed foods making sure no milk product was used to make whatever I was buying. My mom gifted me a Whole-30 cookbook and it was a life saver and made things so much easier.

After 1 month of being dairy free I slowly started incorporating dairy back in, kinda just to see how my body would react. My body went nuts! It was like I had more of a sensitivity now than I did. Upset stomach, rash, my skin wasn’t glowing like it had been… I was blown away by what effect dairy now had on my body.

I do indulge at times, because I love cheese. Feta being my favorite. I go into it knowing there will be repercussions and the only surprise would be if I felt good afterwards. But for me I guess the knowing is worth so much.

On a lighter, tastier note… this Dairy-Free Caramel Macchiato Coffee Float.

It’s simple.


For the coffee:

6 oz brewed espresso

6 oz water — I brew it through my Keurig

(optional) 2 TBL dairy-free caramel creamer — I use Silk

(optional) sweetener if desired


1 scoop (or 2.. no judging here!) of Halo Top Creamery’s dairy free Caramel Macchiato ice cream





Brew espresso. Add water (I use water straight from my Keurig) and creamer (if using). Set aside on counter to cool some. Top with ice cream.

Experiment with different Halo Top dairy-free flavors (in my opinion they are slaying the dairy free ice cream game— this will be another post) and see how your coffee/treat game changes! Their dairy free Candy Bar ice cream is amazing!

Sooo so good, enjoy!




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