A simple activity for you and your toddler


I’m currently sitting at our new dining room table. No big deal for most but as embarrassing as it is this is our first dining room set in years. When we added our wood stove we lost our “dining room” space. So we have been eating on our couch and the kids have been at their table and it has been a nightmare. The kids will get up and walk their food to us to feed them (spilling it on the way) or to simply sit with us. Understandably so. We want to be with them too.

So we finally bought a table!!

Okay, these activities are super simple but will work your child’s mind allowing him/her to think and make decisions. Its hands-on which is great sensory work and cheap as can be.

I’m sure you have a few left over Easter eggs lying around from Grandma’s Easter basket or an Easter Egg hunt. If you do, you’re already halfway there.


What you’ll need:

Easter Eggs – a few different colors. and 3-5 eggs of each color. i.e.: (5-blue, 5-pink, 5-purple, 5-green, 5-yellow)
Felt – 1 felt piece that coincides with what Easter eggs you have. i.e.: blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow.

**Felt is cheap. At Walmart its just $.26 a sheet. It might even be less. And if you don’t have Easter Eggs you can probably get them 75% off at stores by now. And they’re cheap to begin with!

Instructions: Place your empty Easter eggs in the center of your floor with your baby/toddler. Distribute the felt pieces around your child circling him/her. This will allow them to move, turn, analyze and make a decison where they should place the Easter eggs.

I loved watching my 3-year-old grab an egg and THINK. It was amazing. And also amazing how simple this was and also CHEAP. It’s a good change of pace incorporating fun activities into your day with your child(ren). Days can become long and be tough on everyone and sometimes the simplest things are much-needed. They will hug and thank you and probably ask to do it again. Remember to praise them and help them when they make a mistake. This is such a fun activity I hope you try it! Let me know how it goes if you do!

** Also, you can fill the eggs with prizes or a treat. If they match the egg to the correct felt they can open the egg! How fun!


Happy Monday everyone!



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