DIY coffee scrub + a birthday!

Its been raining for days straight and I believe, well hoping, that it has stopped and we will be able to venture outside today and play in the garden. Nice bright warm weather would be awesome today too because its my husbands birthday! I’m keeping it short for that very reason today.

Yesterday I made his cupcakes throwing together all things good and not a bit healthy. I came up with an Espresso Chip Cake. Which I adapted from an old recipe of mine that was based on over ripe bananas. Well these cupcakes came out just a tad bit dry. I had higher expectations for them. So to revive them I used a piping tip and removed the center of each cupcake as if the tip was a cookie cutter. I had some espresso left and decided to make an espresso glaze. I poured the glaze down into the cupcakes. Then I made a cream cheese icing that I piped down into the cake and again on-top of the cake. They turned out so dang delicious.

Since I brewed extra espresso and I had grounds to be thrown out. I decided to dry them out (just on the counter) and make a scrub to rid my skin of its winter blues. It’s awesome and super quick. And leaves your skin feeling so good.


2 Tablespoons used espresso grounds, dried
2 Tablespoons coconut oil


In a small ramekin mix both ingredients together.

When using: apply to skin, scrub, rinse and pat dry. No need to use soap afterwards. You want the coconut oil on your skin. It will absorb and leave your skin feeling moisturized.
**This amount is enough for your whole body.
** You can keep in your shower but should be used within 7 days.
** Be careful using this on your face — even though its espresso ground and finer it can still aggravate and be harsh on your face. If you have sensitive skin I would recommend keeping it chin down to be safe.



Great for the gardeners hands!

Have a geat day,


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