Our Paddle Trip and Garlicky Coconut Milk Baby Potatoes

Y’all. Our trip was amazing. It was the exact “reset” that I needed.

We drove up to Twin Rivers Family Campground Friday night and camped along the riverside in our Kodiak canvas tent (the best tent ever). It was only 31 degrees but somehow I didn’t notice how cold it was until later in the night. Maybe it was due to all of the laughs around the campfire and my friend and I cautiously looking over our backs for a mountain lion. We never laid eyes on what was stirring that night so we shall never know and only assume!

We snuggled into our mummy bags exchanged “goodnights” through the canvas as siblings would and I personally was OUT… and slept like a baby.

The next morning was when it was cold… like really cold. It was cold until around 10:30am that day. But once most things found their way packed again and our boats situated with our “overnight luggage” we headed out to pick up two others. Dropped off their vehicle at the get out spot and then headed back to camp. We were about ready to depart for our next stop!

So much work and planning for this trip! And it’s finally happening!

Everyone’s ready, and we drop our boats in and held onto the grass along the bank until we are all in the water. And we’re off! We are about to paddle 6 miles to our next campground which is a paddle-in ONLY campground which is so rad. The river had been up over the past week (just that Tuesday the river was flowing 4,000 cubic feet per second). Granted this part of the New River is typically really slow it was working extra hard Saturday. We paddled what should have been 4 hours in just 1 hour. We couldn’t believe it. All we had to do was use our paddles to steer.

We arrived right at lunch. No-one was arguing there as to we had planned on having to eat lunch on our boats or docked up. Eating like a family would, we finish up and the boys go to fish and the girls go on a hike.

The one single thing that I regret about this trip is not taking my freaking camera on this hike. This trail was one of the most beautiful trails that I have ever seen. It was like we were walking on a pathway painted in freshly trimmed green grass and moss to lead us to another trail covered in golden pine needles. With open views overlooking an apple orchard that hadn’t woke from its winter nap it was hard not to stop and take it all in. This whole hike was stunning. We came across old structures without any signs to give us history about them. But it allowed us to take it all in and imagine what they must had been used for.

We made our way back to camp to relax, mingle and laugh our way into the night finding ourselves surrounded yet again around the campfire. Where Friday night had gotten so cold it buffered Saturday night for us, as it felt much milder. I think the low was 47 degrees. Definitely doable. It was campers midnight and we were off to bed. Everyone headed to their “home” at the same time.

Tonight we were in hammocks nestled under our Kelty Noah’s tarp. Which is an awesome investment if you’re a hammock camper. My review on the Kelty tarp will need to be a different post! I just want to say climbing into a mummy bag inside a hammock is a little tricky. Especially if you don’t do it very often. Again, I stayed so warm, cozy and slept like a baby.

It was exactly what this mama needed.

As I slowly woke from my slumber Sunday morning, I pulled my face away from any covers. Allowing the mountain air to wake me completely. Opening my eyes hoping to lay sight on maybe a deer or some other form of nature only to be able to verify that our fire from the night before had left us coals that morning. Good enough for me.

We’re up and ready for coffee. We use this really cool stove that my husband’s brother made from two drink cans with holes in it, a dime, some small knit wire and we fuel it with denatured alcohol. It packs down small and more compact than most backpack stoves. It’s really awesome.

Once our coffee was consumed we were ready to head home and see our babes. It was an amazing trip and I can’t wait for the next one but I missed them so dang badly. I didn’t have service from Friday around 3pm until Sunday around 3:30pm. Truthfully, it was nice taking a break from all forms of social media.

Soooo I had a killer weekend! I hope you did too but lets jump-start our week with this amazing side dish. I’ve had a lot of messages for this recipe after I posted the first picture. It’s so dang good and can’t wait for you to try it!

DSC_0112 (2).jpg


Garlicky Coconut Milk Baby Potatoes


2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
5 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
1 lb baby potatoes, washed and left whole
1 onion, sliced in the round
2 stalks asparagus, trimmed and cut in 2″ spears
1 can full fat coconut milk
1 TBL dried parsley
salt and pepper to taste


Over medium heat, add oil to a sauce pan along with garlic. Allow to cook until fragrant, stirring constantly. Add parsley and potatoes. Let cook for 5 minutes. Add onion, asparagus, and coconut milk. Cut your heat back letting your sauce simmer. Cover and let cook for 15-20 minutes OR until potatoes are done. Stir every few minutes so your sauce doesn’t stick and cut heat back when needed. Add salt and pepper to taste.

This only takes 25-30 minutes and makes 4 servings.



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